Our mission is to continually deliver on the outsized returns we believe are possible in disruptive growth investing, while avoiding the inherent treacherousness of capital impairment in such waters, in a manner that is disciplined, thoughtful, and meaningful.

While the technological assets driving the productivity gains of each disruptive storm may differ across time, we believe the process to identify the most investible waves and protect against wipeouts is durable. We believe that deep fundamental analysis and active risk management present significant wealth generation opportunities.

About Us

We believe that the active management industry is ripe for disruption. Our edge was forged through experience, is defined by our unique product, and is demonstrated by an established process.


Over 25 years of combined investing experience, with shared values and a battle-tested process developed over half a decade together.


We invest in disruptive growth opportunities that offer non-Gaussian distributions (fat tails) and have built a repeatable process to help optimize returns: Idea generation (right tail): stay invested in the few generational companies that we believe will truly succeed in massively outperforming the market. Risk management (left tail): use actively managed and creative hedges to help protect against the risk of ruin, while allowing us to stay invested in what we believe are our best ideas.

Why Tempest

A tempest (the Latin derivation of “storm”) is energy that has been transferred into the sea by wind. Every storm starts as small ripples on the ocean’s surface, and the longer and stronger the wind blows, the more energy is transferred. We’ve been living in tempest-rich waters, gaining the experience and building a repeatable process to help identify when those small faraway ripples of energy build into a disruptive storm that we believe will bring the next great technological wave.

Cultural Values


To our investors, to ourselves, to our process


With our investors and amongst ourselves


Avoid intellectual, personal, and emotional ossification


A skeptic’s eye with an optimist’s imagination


Commitment to continuous improvement to build resilience


Knowledge is provisional


Share our abilities and successes with our communities, grounded in gratitude


Love the process, for we live in it

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Tempest Capital

2450 Colorado Ave, Suite 100E
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(323) 489-5903

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